Tanseeq –
Event Planning App

technologies used

  • Android: Kotlin
  • iOS: SWIFT
  • Admin Panel Front-End: Vue.JS
  • API’s/Back-End: Node.JS
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Language: Java, Objective C
  • Server: AWS
  • Country: UAE


Tanseeq mobile app is robust and flexible enough to meet all your needs that will keep all the information about the wedding in one place, plan pre-wedding arrangements and tasks (the application will remind you when and what needs to be done), monitor the budget, make lists of vendors and guests, etc. Everything is made simple, reliable and convenient through this mobile app. Each system differs on features & capabilities, ranging from management of an entire event to focusing on key aspects such as guest check-in. Whether you’re planning a conference or a concert, the right event planning app can streamline workflows, automate processes like find vendors, reduce costs, and efficiently create & manage lists & details for all events. Explore the popular event planning app, find the best vendor and find the right event to help your event succeed.


With the growing demand for mobile apps, we have an innumerable social application in the app store and app store. Our client wanted to make something different through a social app where people can find events. Through this app, you can organize activities or events, and people interested in your event can easily book them. To unite each and everything on a single app, a client approached Infin Mobile Solutions to develop a unique app. We have communicated with a client and added some extraordinary features; we created the Tanseeq app to organize activities and events – weekly or in the moment. Tanseeq app allows a new and unique way to organize events.
Here are the features of your event planning app:

Event Registration – This must-have feature helps the audience to register for the event. Apps for events and conferences must use this feature to keep track of all registered people so that they can be served up to the expectations. Moreover, online registrations not only save time but also make the event hassle-free and well organized. Give ease to your attendees to book a seat in your event at their home/office.

Budget – This feature lets you manage and check all financial records with a single click. Thus, you can keep track of your funds, expenses & calculate savings. Also, you can easily re-estimate your costs at each stage of event planning. Budget management done with proper databases makes your event go smoothly and successfully.

Community – Update the members by sharing the advice & ideas to other community members with the Tanseeq community.
Multilingual – Give your visitors an opportunity to talk to vendors and connect for the event to happen.

Vendor Management – Give your visitors an opportunity to talk to vendors and connect for the event to happen.

Chat – Easily maintain a better relation with your local vendors by messaging them.

Share – Tanseeq lets you feel like an ambassador and lets you share event details, pictures and promote your event through the share feature. Ecommerce – Add your favourite products or add it in your cart to buy later for their wedding or any other event.

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