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Infin Mobile Solutions, a distinguished app development firm, crafted the Hi5 Deals & Coupons App for one of its esteemed clients.

This innovative app is an online marketplace designed specifically for Singapore, aiming to connect small businesses with their customers efficiently.

It not only facilitates saving money for both parties but also enhances the shopping experience by offering rewards, deals, gift cards, and a more convenient payment system.

Hi5 stands as a comprehensive solution for local merchants, providing them with advertisement opportunities, access to new technologies, better wholesale pricing, and a novel approach to manage their promotions and business information.

Technologies Used

  • Android:Developed using Kotlin
  • Front-End:Crafted with HTML
  • API’s/Back-End:Powered by Laravel
  • Database:Managed with MySQL
  • Programming Language:Java
  • Server:Hosted on Azure
  • Country:Nigeria


The client approached Infin Mobile Solutions with the vision of creating an online network that serves as a promotional platform for local businesses, enabling them to offer unique deals and discounts.

The primary goal was to help consumers save money while allowing business owners to increase their profits through online deals and offers.

The project demanded an app development company that could integrate these requirements into a user-friendly application, catering to both customers and merchants in Singapore.

Coupons App

Here are some of the exciting features of the customer apps.

Signup/Login –Users can Sign-Up/Login-Up through Gmail, social media and Apple login as well.

Password Verification –For security users need to enter the OTP verification code to enter in the app.

Forgot Password –Users can recover their passwords through Gmail.

Home –Users can view multiple deals and offers.

Categories –Users can filter deals by different categories.

Deals –Users can view deals description and also users can earn points by share & comments.

Offers –Users can see the exciting offers.


Rewards –Users can see their total number of points that have been earned.

Earn Points –Users can see their earned points in different categories like scan QR code, comments, share Ad’s and discover deals.

Redeem Points –Users can redeem points which include purchase quantity & product terms & conditions.

Discover –Users can discover new deals and can also see the history of the discovered deals.

Wallet –User can see the used & unused coupons and use their unused coupons accordingly.

Scan QR code –User can scan deal code or gift code. They need to provide the necessary information, and then they can check that deal.

Profile –Users can edit the profile and users can also view the redeemed points history.

Refer & Earn –Users can invite friends & earn points.


Merchant Panel Features:

The admin panel is the web-based tool or application that assists you to control and manage all the operations residing in your app. It offers you with the important data, provides access to your users’ profiles, and other tools to monetize your app.

Signup/Login –Merchant can sign up through email.

Forgot Password :Merchant can recover their password through gmail.

Dashboard –Merchant can view the active & pending deals and can also view advertisement analytics for visitors & earning.

Search –Merchant can search the deal & offers.

Deal –Merchant can accept & reject the pending deals & offers, view deal details and add new deals by entering deal & offer detail.

Add deal & offerUpload the specific information & view your deals & offers.

Offline advertisement –Merchant can select the parameters of advertisement like type, run time, date and can upload the Image as well.


Online Advertisement –Merchant can view their online advertisements and can view advertisement description as well.

Payment –Merchant can pay securely for uploading their deals & offers.

Condominium –Merchant can add the details of the condominium and can see the list & details of the condominium.

Profile –Merchant can edit the profile.


Admin Panel Features

Merchant Management –View List of deals & offers with necessary details that connect with the merchant.Add, update, and delete the deals & offers, active/Inactive deals status. Admin has an option to filter deals & offers uploaded by merchants.Admin can search Merchant via name, brand name or email.

Customer Management –View, add, update, and delete Customer details.Active/Inactive Customer status. Admin can search Merchant via name or email.

Deals & offer Management –View List of deals & offers with necessary details that connect with the merchant.Add, update and delete deals.Admin has an option to filter Deals.


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Whether you aim to connect with local customers, offer unbeatable deals, or streamline your promotional efforts, the Hi5 app is your gateway to achieving these goals.

Embrace the opportunity to enhance the shopping experience and drive growth for local businesses.

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