PINS - Phone Security Solution

Technologies Used

  • Android: Kotlin
  • Front-End: HTML
  • API’s/Back-End: Laravel
  • Database: MY SQL
  • Language: Java
  • Server: Azure
  • Country: Nigeria


It takes less than 5 mins to download Pins Mobile Security Application, It work faster and smarter with secure mobile productivity apps and content on any mobile device or desktop. Reduce the risk of data loss with advanced mobile security protection extended across the entire mobile fleet. Using MobileIron Cloud-based EMM, which includes SIM tracking, cloud backup and anti-virus you can easily configure and secure all your mobile devices, desktops and apps in minutes. Install, and start tracking your phone. With your personalized user dashboard/portal, you can see all tracking information that can assist you to recover your phone by just logging in through any web browser, whether on another phone, tablet, or even computer.
Now, with the PINS mobile security, you have all the information at your fingerprints. In Fact, you can see the location history of everywhere the intruder or thief has gone to from the point your smartphone was taken from you. Sharing this information with the police makes finding your phone so easy.
Features of the Security app.

Intruder: See who’s got your device. Captures a photo of an intruder holding your device when an incorrect PIN, password or pattern is entered and emails it to you. It makes it next to impossible for someone to gain unauthorized access to your phone without being identified.

Find My Phone: Don’t let thieves get away with your phone, you can now track and find your phone when lost or stolen with the Pins Mobile Security App. Remotely track and locate your device easily when your device is lost or stolen with just a click. Pinpoints the exact real-time location of your phone anytime it’s lost or stolen.

Cloud Backup: Imagine losing your phone, thinking you have all your contacts saved, but you can’t find it when you need it the most? With the PINS contact backup, you are guaranteed a way to back up and retrieve your contact any time. Fast backup and recovery of all your contacts, photos and personal data. Save and access them anytime from cloud storage.

Diagnostics: Remotely and accurately analyses phone components for intermittent failure, assuring ‘like new’ quality even at the comfort of your home.
Anti-Virus: PINS Antivirus Security-Certified by AV-TEST, world leading authorities in security software evaluation automatically scans phone memories, external SD cards, blocks and removes viruses, malware, adware, spyware and trojans that can harm or slow your device at regular intervals. Avoids malware infected sites on your search results.

App Lock: Increasingly, your financial information and other valuable documents are important, and when in the wrong hands, your account can be wiped clean! Now you are getting a n AppLocker, that helps you set up unique codes to prevent anyone from accessing any important app on your phone without your authorization.

SIM Tracking: This seems to be the easy way out for thieves to get away with your phone, by simply removing the SIM card. But not anymore, you can now See the exact phone number of the new SIM card inserted into your phone to know who is with your phone. How does it work? It will send you a notification whenever someone inserts a new SIM card into your lost or stolen device. It even shows you the new mobile number to help you recover your lost device.

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