Homii - Property Management App



The Homii app stands out as a comprehensiveproperty management app, delivering a tailored property search experience with its advanced property finder app capabilities.

This dynamic property app grants full access to property details in your selected area, including pricing, layout, size, and more, catering to both buyers and sellers.

With Homii, navigating through a vast array of property listings becomes effortless, allowing you to pinpoint the perfect property that aligns with your budget in your preferred locale.


Homii is dedicated to offering futuristic, secure residences equipped with the latest technology and an array of lifestyle amenities designed to foster a sense of community, collaboration, and neighborly interaction.

Aiming to provide affordable urban housing solutions for students, the client sought to develop a platform that simplifies the property search process.

In response, the client approached Infin Mobile Solutions to create a specializedapartment search appaimed at enhancing user engagement.

Technologies Used

  • Android:Kotlin
  • API’s/Back-End:Laravel
  • Database:MY SQL
  • Language:Java, Objective C
  • Server:Azure
  • Payment Gateway:Paystack
  • Country:South Africa

Key Features of theProperty Management App:

Search for Apartments:Homii revolutionizes apartment hunting with itshouse finder appfeature, enabling remote searches complete with detailed imagery and descriptions, ensuring a safe and comprehensive home buying experience through a convenient app interface.

Booking Calendar:Manage and schedule property bookings effortlessly, showcasing available dates and times across multiple listings.

Refer a Friend:Enhance your network by referring friends and family to Homii. Gain automatic referral bonuses when your network joins the Homii community.

Property Nearby Me:Utilize GPS functionality to discover top-rated nearby accommodations with precision, simplifying your property search journey.


Filter:Employ Homii's smart filtering options, including location, city, budget, and property type, to streamline your search and find properties that precisely match your criteria.

Properties by Choice:Homii caters to a diverse range of living arrangements, from traditional apartments to luxurious co-living spaces and communal accommodations, including options for short-term and daily rentals.

Payment Gateway:Experience hassle-free digital transactions for bookings with a variety of payment options, including credit and debit cards, UPI, and digital wallets, ensuring secure and simplified payments.

Pay for Utilities:Conveniently view and settle your utility bills directly through the Homiiproperty search app, offering a straightforward method to manage your electricity and water expenses, along with a comprehensive payment history overview.

Homii redefines the property finding experience, providing a seamless, secure, and community-focused platform for discovering your next home or apartment, backed by a commitment to convenience and technological innovation.

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