4See – Employee Attendance & Tracking App


4See is developed to manage any business type and any number of staff members. The application gives employers the ability to track all staff working activities, attendance and much more in one easy to use app. While running a business can be time consuming and hard to track the different departments and activities within your business, 4See focuses solely on your staff management. An application that helps your business stay focused.
Use 4See for free as a worker management system or attendance management app. 4See attendance manager allows business owners or managers to track the employee’s punch-in & punch-out time. 4See is also providing a wireless biometric attendance management solution. It is also a biometric attendance management app, and employees working from home can mark their attendance. Office locations will get verified by geo tracking and GPS tagging facilities. Take control with a complete and easy-to-use feature:

technologies used

  • Android: Kotlin
  • iOS: SWIFT
  • Admin Panel Front-End: Vue.JS
  • API’s/Back-End: Node.JS
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Language: Java, Objective C
  • Server: AWS
  • Country: South Africa

Client Requirements

Our client is from South Africa and works as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing ISP related services: connectivity, email, hosting, and networking. The application now had to be enhanced to meet another requirement of the client. The client wanted a provision for an employee to clock-in and clock-out through the mobile application. The admin will be able to give the privilege to access the clock-in and clock-out option in the mobile application, to the specific user (employee). The client wanted the system to manage the employee attendance automatically.
Biometric attendance: 4See app is the employee attendance app to replace expensive biometric system apps. 4See app is the perfect app to replace the expensive mobile biometric attendance app. Biometric fingerprint scanner apps are used to track staff attendance with the in and out time stamp. But these systems are expensive to install and maintain. 4See app can effectively replace this expensive biometric attendance system for free, making it an essential cost-effective staff attendance book.

Work From Home: An employee attendance tracking system integrated with Biometric to gain control on employee working hours.

Work attendance: Mobile check in with geo-tagging and geo-fencing enabled helps to improve efficiency and productivity. Running Late: This feature helps your manager to notify you of coming late which includes time & specific reason for it.
Sick Announcement: The workforce will be able to check their time off balances, request for sick leave and get approved in an instance by adding photo, date, reason & other information.

Attendance Register: View your attendance according to your month & week.

Tools of Trade: This feature helps you to let you know which tools you are working on. Create your list of tools by adding tool name, serial number & image on it.

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