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Mobile App


GMC mobile app will help to connect patients and doctors on one platform. The main assignment of the mobile app is to provide remote doctor visits, increase medical service efficiency, and monitor health conditions from a distance. The solution consists of three distinct but interconnected parts-patient app, doctor app, and admin panel.

Technologies Used

  • Android: Kotlin
  • iOS: SWIFT
  • Admin Panel Front-End: React.JS
  • API’s/Back-End: Node.JS
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Language: Java, Objective C
  • Server: Azure
  • Country: UAE


Our client believes that doctor related services and details should be readily available to anyone in this smart world because no one wants to waste time or to go to a hospital or doctor clinic just to book an appointment. Moreover, nearby doctors and other clinic details should be readily available to anyone. The client’s main aim is to develop a digital app for doctors and patients where they can connect and avail of the best medical service. Hence, the client wanted to create an online platform where app users can easily book doctors’ appointments at home. Thus, a client approached Infin Mobile Solutions with this fantastic idea, and we have turned it successfully into reality. We have developed two apps and an admin panel as per the client requirement: Doctor app – for doctors and Patient app – for patients.

Patient mobile App

The features of the patient app will include:

Registration – A patient can sign up via mobile number, social network, or email. Since the app deals with sensitive data, it requires a higher level of protection. The recommendation is to use authentication, which can include OTP verification.

Patient profile – A patient needs to enter necessary healthcare records and compulsory information. Make this procedure as quick and easy as possible. Nobody wants to fill out long forms.
Book an appointment: Patients can book the appointment by selecting date & time.

Search – A a patient can search for a medical.

Appointments and calendar – patient needs to have a list of appointments based on doctor availability.

Communication – The process can be done via video conferencing for real-time consultation. For the teleconsultation app development, it is wise to implement the simplest format.
Clinics & locations – The patient should connect with doctors. The app should gather their location with the help of Google Maps.

Payment – The app monetization can be done via integrating a payment gateway system.

Notifications – Push notifications and relevant reminders help to keep track of appointments.

Family members – Patients can add their family members by adding valid information of the member & can book the appointment as well.

Documents – Patients need to attach the valid image of passport & insurance policy.

Doctor Mobile app

As for the teleconsultation app for doctors, some of the functionality correlates with the patient app. On the other hand, there are some specific features that should be implemented only in this part of a teleconsultation solution.
The features of the doctor app will include:

Doctor profile – Practitioners should fill out accurate information about their specialization, experience, education, and so on. It is possible that patients might like to check their license and proof of medical capabilities.

Scheduling and calendar – Practitioners should fill out accurate information about their specialization, experience, education, and so on. It is possible that patients might like to check their license and proof of medical capabilities.

Communication – The patient-doctor interaction should be identical. In the first product version, it is better to utilize one-to-one messenger or consultation based on photos. If you have a larger budget, the best choice is to implement video conferencing for more detailed medical examinations.
Note, this is a costly feature to develop.

Other Important Features

Admin Panel features – The admin panel is the web-based tool or application that assists you to control and manage all the operations residing in your app. It offers you with the important data, provides access to your users’ profiles, and other tools to monetize your app.
We would walk you through the features that will be present in the admin panel.

Patient profile management – Similar to doctor profile management, patient profile management is an important feature as well. Seamlessly manage the profiles of patients.

Doctor profile management – For an app like a doctor appointment booking app, the doctor profile management feature is one of the imperative features in the GMC admin panel. You as an admin can manage the profile of doctors from your centralized panel by getting access to all the activities performed by doctors, creating new profiles and removing existing ones, if necessary, and making modifications in an existing doctor’s profile, if needed.
Notification management – With notification management feature, admin broadcasts push notifications to both patients and doctors regarding upcoming appointments, and policy updates, discount coupons or special offers, and so on. You can segregate your users based on various parameters such as demographics, activities, etc. to broadcast notifications.

Appointment booking management – The appointment scheduling feature allows you as an admin to track all the appointment schedules of patients and doctors and efficiently manage bookings to avoid mesh-up.

Payment gateway – The payment feature helps in receiving payment from your app users and you can link your payment gateway to an analytics system to gain actionable data about your revenue and business growth.

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