GMC Clinics -
Mobile App


TheGMC mobile appis designed to seamlessly connect patients and doctors through a comprehensive platform.

This innovativeDoctor-patient appfacilitates remote doctor visits, enhances the efficiency of medical services, and enables health condition monitoring from afar.

The solution consists of three key components: a patient app, a doctor app, and an admin panel, each serving a distinct function within the ecosystem.


Technologies Used

  • Android:Kotlin
  • Admin Panel Front-End:React.JS
  • API’s/Back-End:Node.JS
  • Database:MongoDB
  • Language:Java, Objective C
  • Server:Azure
  • Country:UAE


In today’s digital age, our client recognized the need for readily accessible doctor-related services and information.

With the aim to eliminate the need for physical visits for booking appointments and to make details about nearby doctors and clinics easily available, the client envisioned anonline doctor consultationplatform.

This led to the development of theGMC application, a digital platform for doctors and patients to connect and access top medical services.

Consequently, Infin Mobile Solutions was approached to bring this vision to life by developing aGMC appcomprising two apps and an admin panel tailored to the client's requirements: a Doctor app for healthcare providers and a Patient app for users seeking medical consultation.

Patient Mobile App

The patient section of the GMC mobile app includes features like:

  • Registration:Secure sign-up options via mobile number, social network, or email, with OTP verification for enhanced security.
  • Patient profile:Easy entry of essential healthcare records and mandatory information.
  • Book an appointment:Simple appointment booking with doctors by selecting the preferred date and time.
  • Search:An efficient search feature for medical services.
  • Appointments and calendar –A list of appointments aligned with doctor availability.
  • Communication:Video conferencing features for real-time consultations.
  • Clinics & locations:Easy connection with doctors and clinic locations via Google Maps integration.
  • Payment:Integration of a payment gateway for app monetization.
  • Notifications:Push notifications and reminders for appointment tracking.
  • Family members:Option to add family members and book appointments on their behalf.
  • Documents:Facility to attach important documents like passport and insurance policy images.

Doctor Mobile App

The doctor section of the teleconsultation GMC mobile app shares some features with the patient app but also includes unique functionalities:

  • Doctor profile:Detailed profile creation with information on specialization, experience, and qualifications.
  • Scheduling and calendar:Calendar integration for managing appointments and schedules.
  • Communication:Identical patient-doctor communication options, including one-to-one messaging and video conferencing for thorough medical consultations.

Other Important Features

Admin Panel features include:

  • Patient profile management:Tools for seamless patient profile management.
  • Doctor profile management:Comprehensive management capabilities for doctor profiles, including creation, modification, and removal.
  • Notification management:Broadcast push notifications to patients and doctors about appointments, updates, and offers
  • Appointment booking management:Efficient tracking and management of all patient and doctor appointments to prevent scheduling conflicts.
  • Payment gateway:A payment system for processing user payments and linking to analytics for business insights.

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