Airple – Facility Management App

technologies used

  • Android: Kotlin
  • iOS: SWIFT
  • Admin Panel Front-End: React.JS
  • API’s/Back-End: Node.JS
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Language: Java, Objective C
  • Server: AWS
  • Payment Gateway: Stripe
  • Country: Singapore


Tell us about your location, and we will come to you. With Uber-Cool, you can get your AC service wherever you are at your convenience. Whether it’s your home, salon, office, or any other place, your AC servicing is just a few taps away. Few moments spent in signup can save you valuable time. All you need to do is just enter your servicing details, address, and payment details. A technician will come to your location and give your AC a quality service. The app also contains various services and add-ons to wipe and clean your entire AC from inside out. One of the app’s best parts is that users can even schedule future AC service and give reviews and ratings to technicians. Just download the app now and book your first service today.


Today, people are likely to roam around in rooms with the changing preferences and growing income. With the increasing electronic consumer market, the AC s segment is all set to join the race. Forecasting the expanding demands of the car care services, Uber-Cool company approached Infin Mobile Solutions to develop an interface that connects customers and service providers to avail of the best AC services within the nearest proximity. The client’s main aim is to explore the untapped market opportunities by satisfying increasing consumer demands through professional AC services. The app is developed on Android and iOS platforms and designed for the Singapore audience only.

Customer App Features:

SignUp/Login: Sign up with basic details. A user can log in using Phone number.

AC Service and payment details: Add servicing details along with its image. Also, add payment details for the further transaction process.

Book a Service: After filling relevant details, users can book their first AC service within a few taps. All they need to do is select their services and upload images. They can even add a new service and include some extra services add-ons if they wish to.

Schedule a Service: An app also allows users to schedule service for upcoming dates. Just select their preferred date, time, location, and the service and it’s done. The service request is sent to the service department. The service department will assign a technician to the customer and both customer and technician will receive a notification for service details.

Payment Gateway: A user can confirm the booking and pay washers through their debit/credit cards. Stripe Payment gateway is integrated for payments.

Profile: Users can edit their profile information.

Notifications: Users will be notified in the below scenario:
When technician accepts/rejects the request,When technician starts and completes service and receipt received.

Technician App Features:

Login: Technician can login using phone number and password.

Service Request: Service Request is sent to the technician along with the user details. The washer can either accept or decline the request. On receiving the right, a technician can navigate through the customer’s address by Google Maps Integration.

Invoice generation: After a successful AC service, an invoice is generated and sent to customers, including technician name, service detail, and add-on details.

Feedback: Technicians can also guide customers by adding some important notes and information.

Profile: Technicians can view and update their profile information like a profile picture and Change.

Notification: Technician will be notified in the below scenario:
Scheduled service notification, when a user cancels a service request.

Admin Panel Features: 

User management: It includes below modules:
• Customer:
– Edit profile
– View ratings
– Active/Inactive customers
• Technician:
– Add/Edit Technician
– Active/Inactive Technician
– View Customer’s ratings and reviews.

Service management: 
• Add and edit service & service plan details.
• Active and inactive service details.

Order management: 
• Bookings & Schedule
• Show list of pending, accepted, under process, completed and cancelled orders.

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