Komugi - Loyalty Reward App


Technologies Used

  • Android:Kotlin
  • API’s/Back-End:Laravel
  • Database:MY SQL
  • Language:PHP, Objective C
  • Server:Azure
  • Payment Gateway:MOL Pay
  • Country:Malaysia


Looking for a way to keep your customers coming back without breaking the bank on marketing?

Komugi Bakeryhas the solution with itsloyalty rewards platform. Stand out from the competition with your own loyalty program.

Loyal customers tend to spend more, making the Komugiloyalty reward appan essential tool for your business.

Boost your traffic, sales, and word-of-mouth marketing with areward points appdesigned specifically for your customers.

Additionally, gain insights into your most loyal patrons—tracking how often they visit and what drives their loyalty.


Our client from Malaysia,Komugi Bakery, sought to develop aloyalty reward appaimed at service providers to offer promotions and attract customers.

Their primary goal was to support local businesses by presenting users with unique offers and discounts, rewarding them for more purchases.

Furthermore, Komugi aimed to keep users informed about the latest offers and news, enhancing customer engagement.

Komugi Bakery's loyalty program softwareis crafted to benefit the customer directly.

Simply by installing the app, customers can start earning rewards for every purchase.

Each time members shop, they're rewarded, staying up-to-date with flash sales, exclusive deals, promotions, and festival season discounts.

With 12 outlets across Malaysia, customers can easily check out sales and offers available.

Make time to visit your localKomugi BakeryOutlets and take advantage of great offers, browsing through a list of products, special discounts, coupons, locations, and much more right from your smartphone.

  • Here are some of the exciting features of the Komugi app:
  • News & Promo:Stay informed with the latest news and exclusive promotions for new products directly on your home screen. The Komugiloyalty rewards platformensures you're up to date with all the latest offers.
  • Social Media Sharing:: Share with friends through social media and earn extra rewards in your wallet.
  • Wallet:Accumulate rewards and stamps and top up your Komugi wallet. Enjoy attractive offers and unlimited rewards and stamps in your wallet, earning through your smartphone and covering all your bills through your wallet.
  • Stamp:Digitize your collection, so there’s no need to carry them physically or forget them on your next visit. Store multiple stamps in your app wallet, get Digital Stamps, and redeem them by adding to your wallet's cash value with 4 stamps or more.
  • Voucher:Komugi allows you to save your favorite vouchers under the “My voucher” feature. Redeem your chosen voucher at the nearest outlet and enjoy privileged promotions and discounts.
  • Find a Bakery:Quickly locate the nearest Komugi outlet in your city, making it easier to enjoy all the benefits of the Komugi loyalty

Komugi - Loyalty Reward App


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