Komugi - Loyalty Reward App

Technologies used

  • Android: Kotlin
  • iOS: SWIFT
  • API’s/Back-End: Laravel
  • Database: MY SQL
  • Language: PHP, Objective C
  • Server: Azure
  • Payment Gateway: MOL Pay
  • Country: Malaysia


Are you a bakery that truly wants to practice customer retention but doesn’t want to spend the majority of your marketing budget on a loyalty program? Komugi is your perfect solution. Get an edge over the competition with your own loyalty program. Loyal customers spend more money. Komugi is a loyalty reward app that’s customized for your business. Increase traffic, spending, and word of mouth with a rewards program for your customers. Plus, start tracking your visitor activity to pin-point your most loyal customers, how often they’re visiting, and what motivates them.


Our Malaysia-based client, Komugi, wanted to make a loyalty reward app for service providers to promote deals to attract customers. The client’s main aim is to promote local businesses with unique offers and discounts to the users and acknowledge them with the best deals. Moreover, they wanted to attract their users by selling them more products, thus rewarding them gifts. The client also wanted to notify users about their offers and news to keep them updated.

Komugi is designed in a way that it benefits the customer. Simply have your customer install the Komugi and reward them for every purchase. The members get rewarded each time they shop and receive real-time updates for flash sales, exclusive deals, and promotions and festival season discounts. With 12 outlets across Malaysia, you can also explore and view the sales and offers available. Grab your great offers when you sandwich in some time to stop in at your area Komugi Bakery Outlets. Scroll through for a product list, special discounts, coupons, locations and lots of information right from your smartphone. 
Here are some of the exciting features of Komugi app:

News & Promo: Get latest news & exclusive promotions for latest products directly on your home screen. Komugi Loyalty reward application keeps you informed about all of your latest offers.

Social Media Sharing: Invite your friends via social media network and get extra rewards in your wallet.

Wallet: Earn rewards & stamps & reload your Komugi wallet. Avail attractive offers & get unlimited rewards & stamps in your wallet, earn through your smartphone and pay all your bills via your wallet.

Stamp: Make it digital, so you don’t have to carry them in your pocket all the time, or forget them the next time you visit your favourite outlet. Add multiple stamps in your app wallet, Get Digital Stamps and Redeem stamps by adding your wallet cash value with 4 stamps & above.

Voucher: Komugi lets you save your favourite vouchers under the “My voucher” feature. Use your selected voucher to your nearest outlet and enjoy privilege promotions & discounts.

Find a Bakery: It lets you help to find quickly & nearest Komugi outlet in your city.

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