Feets - Employee Engagement App



FeetsEmployee Engagement Apprevolutionizes workplace dynamics by significantly enhancing employee productivity, retention, and overall business profitability.

With Feets, empower your employees, fostering higher participation and cultivating a positive workplace culture through cutting-edgeemployee engagement softwaredesigned for businesses with a distributed workforce.

Feets conceptualizes employee engagement as a well-coordinated dance, underpinned by scientific principles.

If mastering this dance feels daunting, especially with two left feet, Feets is here to guide you back into rhythm, ensuring your employees remain engaged for the long haul.

Celebrate key employee milestones, recognize outstanding contributions, and broadcast these successes company-wide to motivate and inspire.

Feets encourages team spirit across distributed teams with easy-to-redeem rewards, driving positive behavior and reinforcing company values through automated rewarding mechanisms, thereby forging stronger, more contented teams.

Technologies Used

  • Android:Kotlin
  • Admin Panel Front-End:React.JS
  • API’s/Back-End:PHP-Laravel
  • Database:MY SQL
  • Language:Java, Objective C
  • Server:Azure
  • Country:Malaysia


Addressing the challenge of manual tasks such as managing employee details, gathering feedback, and disseminating company news, our client sought to create an online platform for more efficient, inclusive decision-making and information sharing, even in offline mode.

This vision led them to Infin Mobile Solutions, where we developed the "Feets:Employee Engagement App," a comprehensive solution that facilitates all employee-centric operations on the go.

Feets transforms the digital workplace experience, connecting employees to facilitate internal communication, collaboration, andsecure information sharing.

It enables timely sharing of critical company updates, empowers leaders to connect with the workforce instantly, tracks engagement metrics, and evaluates information dissemination effectiveness.

Key Features:

Gamification:Integrating gameplay elements into workplace learning, Feets offers an engaging, interactive environment for game-based education, complete with virtual badges and rewards to enhance learning outcomes.

Rewards:Provides instant gratification for employee achievements through customizable rewards, acknowledging and celebrating active participation.

Forum:A collaborative space for sharing ideas and updates, fostering cross-departmental engagement and rewarding interactions.

Chat:Enables effortless communication among employees, promoting openness without the need for personal contact details.


Marketplace:Offers vendors a platform to showcase and sell their products or services, enhancing community engagement.

Polling System:Encourages daily employee involvement through straightforward polls, gauging company-wide opinions and preferences.

Pulse Survey:Developed in collaboration with University Malaya, this tool assesses overall employee well-being, stress levels, and engagement, complemented by custom surveys for targeted feedback and validation of organizational improvements.

Brainstorming:An ideal tool for collecting ideas and suggestions, perfectly aligning with organizational needs.

FeetsStaff Engagement Appis the ultimate solution for fostering a vibrant, engaging, and productive workplace, seamlessly integrating staff engagement,secure information sharing, and employee recognition into one powerful platform.

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