Feets - Employee Engagement App


Feets Employee engagement is directly related to increased employee productivity, retention, and business profitability. Achieve all this and more with Feet’s. Give your employees a voice, increase participation, and improve workplace culture with the employee engagement software built for organizations with a distributed workforce. We think of employee engagement like a dance backed by science. If you know it takes two to tango and you have two left feet, we are here to help you get back in step so your employees will stay in the dance for a longer time.
Celebrate employee milestones, endorse and recognize them for a job well done, and share their achievements with the rest of the company. Inspire distributed teams with rewards that can be easily redeemed via a vast incentive. Drive positive behaviour changes and promote company values with automated rewarding, and build stronger, happier teams.

technologies used

  • Android: Kotlin
  • iOS: SWIFT
  • Admin Panel Front-End: React.JS
  • API’s/Back-End: PHP-Laravel
  • Database: MY SQL
  • Language: Java, Objective C
  • Server: Azure
  • Country: Malaysia


Many manual tasks at many organizations, like handling employee details, collecting employees’ opinions, providing any news related to a company, etc. Our client wanted to make an online app where employees can get all news related to company and industry news and share their opinion for decision-making in a better and faster way with accessing data in offline mode. By taking this idea, a client approached Infin Mobile Solutions to make an employee engagement application, making it easy to handle all this manual work on an online app. Infin Mobile Solutions has developed an Android app, “Feet’s: Employee Engagement App,” which allows you to get all your employee-related jobs done on the move.
With Feet’s, create a modern digital workplace experience that connects all employees and enables them to access internal communications, collaborate with co-workers, and share information securely. Share important company announcements and policy changes, enable team leaders and top management to reach all employees in real-time, track information consumption, and measure workplace engagement.
Gamification: The app blends exciting elements of gameplay with complex workplace scenarios and creates immersive and interactive game-based learning environments. With interactive dashboards, you can analyse the effectiveness of the activity and assess the performance of the learners. We embed features virtual badges, achievement centric mechanics and other rewards in the game-based learning module to help you deliver better learning outcomes.

Rewards: Instant gratification motivates employees to participate and perform better, Employers can host your own rewards for your employees only with Custom Reward. Incentives are given to acknowledge and recognize active employees.

Forum: Feet’s provides a common place for ideas to be shared amongst colleague peers. Keep updated with the latest ideas at the office with Feeter’s Forum! Discussion forums help employees connect with their co-workers across departments and engage in discussions about their interests or hobbies. Get rewarded for every interaction you make here!

Chat: Interact with the employees without any hesitation & mobile number.
Marketplace: Vendors can get a space to trade your products or services. Select & boost your scale with happy vendors.

Polling System: Improve employee participation on a day-to-day basis with quick and easy polls. Employees can vote on any idea across the company. This is a simple way to increase employee engagement and understand their preferences better.

Pulse Survey: In collaboration with University Malaya, we develop ‘The Happiness Survey’ to assess employee’s happiness, stress and engagement at macro level. In addition, Feet’s custom survey to gather feedback, implement changes and to validate improvements of your organisation.

Brainstorming: The perfect tool for gathering ideas, suggestions, recommendations and solutions, suitable for your organization needs. Sharing: Share documents, pictures, videos and voice notes to your colleagues! Seamless document sharing with your team. Align and sync with the organisation’s goals and mission.

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