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Welcome to our blog shining light on the innovative Komugi App, a project developed for one of our clients in Malaysia.

In this blog we will be exploring the detailed process of creating this loyalty reward application & showcasing how our team of skilled app developers strategically integrated must have features in loyalty program application to give an exceptional experience to its users.

This is the story of how the right use of advanced technology, creative thinking, and dedication leads to one of the best loyalty app development.

Client Requirements

Komugi Bakery, a beloved bakery in Malaysia, has always been passionate about giving delicious baked japanese products & exceptional customer service but in a competitive market they recognized the need to stand out and to create stronger connections with their loyal customers.

With this in mind, Komugi Bakery approached us with a clear set of goals.

First and foremost they want to enhance customer engagement and retention by giving a unique Bakery rewards program. 

They wanted to build an application that would reward loyal customers for their loyalty and give them exclusive offers according to their preferences.

Second, Komugi Bakery was committed to supporting local businesses. 

They saw the hidden opportunity in creating a loyalty reward app as a way to show their appreciation for their customers and also promoting other local businesses at the same time.

At the core client’s objectives were twofold: to boost customer loyalty and to contribute to the growth of the local business ecosystem. 

By developing the loyalty reward app, they want to create a win-win situation for both their business and their customers.

With these client requirements in mind, we created a loyalty reward app that not only met but exceeded Komugi Bakery’s expectations.

Importance of Loyalty Reward Programs

But why are loyalty reward programs so important for businesses?

In today’s competitive market it is not enough to simply serve the customers. You will have to stand out from the crowd & give your customers a reason to choose you over your competitors. And here comes the importance of loyalty programs.

By giving some offers to repeat customers you are not only encouraging customers to again repeat the purchase but you are also building a loyal customer base that will sing your offers to their friends & family.

Plus, with the data you collect through your loyalty program, You can create customized strategy & plans according to the data you have collected through loyalty programs like user behavior and preferences.

So investing in a loyalty program like Komugi will be a win-win for both you and your customers.

Technologies We Used in Development of Komugi Application

Infin Mobile Solutions is known for using the latest technologies & tools to create advanced, creative applications and Komugi bakery app is no exception. 

Our expert android & iOS mobile app developers used a variety of powerful tools and platforms to ensure that the application is user-friendly & secure.

For starters, we’ve tapped into the world of Android development with Kotlin, creating a smooth experience for Android users. Meanwhile on iOS, we have utilized Swift for an equally smooth experience for Apple-loving customers.

But it’s not just about the front-end experience. Behind the scenes, this loyalty reward application is powered by Laravel, to make sure the backend is both efficient and scalable.

And when it comes to storing and managing our data our team uses MySQL database management system.

Of course, none of this would be possible without our expert Objective C & PHP developers who make sure that our app is built to the highest standards of quality and performance.

And let’s not forget about hosting. We have chosen Azure as our hosting platform to ensure that the application is always available no matter where the users are located.

Finally, we have integrated with MOL Pay for smooth payment processing which makes it easy for its users to redeem their rewards & enjoy the benefits of loyalty programs.

With all these technologies working together we believe that we not only deliver a product but exceed their expectations.

With all of these technologies working together our developers created a loyalty reward app that went above & beyond what our client hoped for. 

We ensured our client got a product that wowed them and their customers. We believe that what we deliver is not just good—it is great.

Top Features of Komugi Loyalty App

Let’s explore the exciting features that make the Komugi Loyalty Reward App a must-have for customers and businesses-

News & Promo

With this feature you will be staying in the loop with the latest offers and promotions. You will be notified with a flash sale or any special offer directly on your mobile.

Social Media Sharing

Earn rewards by sharing promotions with your friends and family on social media. It is a win-win  situation for both– you get rewarded and your loved ones enjoy the deals!

Digital Wallet

This is a must have feature to get rid of bulky loyalty cards and we successfully integrated it in the Komugi app. 

With the help of this users can get rewards and stamps directly in the digital wallet in the application itself & can enjoy exclusive discounts with every purchase.

Stamp Cards

With this stamp feature users will not have to search stamps through their wallet or remember to bring stamp cards anymore. They can Just collect and use stamps right from their smartphone.

Discount Voucher

With some special purchases users will get a voucher card in the application and then they can use these vouchers to get discounts on your favorite treats.

Find Nearest Komugi Bakery Easily

Within the application, users can easily find the nearest Komugi outlet with just a few taps.

Build a Loyalty Reward Application You Have Always Wanted

“Surprise Loyal Customers With Prizes According to Their Preferences”

If you have been inspired by the Komugi Loyalty App development and are wishing to create a mobile app then Infin Mobile Solutions is here to help you.

Our team will work closely with you to understand your goals & target audience. With our proven track record of creating best apps you can trust us to deliver an application that will exceed your expectations.

No matter If you are in a bakery business, a restaurant, or any other business our team is ready to help you in creating an application that will set you apart from the competition.


Overall, Komugi app shows the expertise of Infin Mobile Solutions in advanced technologies in modern app development

From Android and iOS development with Kotlin and Swift to backend development with Laravel, their skilled app developers have the expertise in latest tools and technologies to create a feature-rich experience.

Komugi Loyalty app sets a new standard for bakery rewards program in the bakery industry, and beyond.

So why wait? Get in touch with us today and let us start work on an app you have always wanted.


How can I earn rewards by Komugi Loyalty Reward App?

First you will have to make a purchase at the Komugi Bakery outlet and then collect loyalty stamps digitally through the app. Second, you can also earn rewards by sharing promotions with your friends & family on social media.

Can I redeem my rewards at any Komugi Bakery outlet?

Yes, you can redeem your rewards at any Komugi Bakery outlet. Simply show your digital loyalty card or voucher from the app during checkout & enjoy your rewards.

Is my personal information secure with the Komugi App?

Yes, we take the security and privacy of our users’ personal information very seriously. We use advanced encryption technologies to make sure that your data is safe all the time.

Which is the best loyalty reward app development company?

With a proven track record of delivering top mobile apps, Infin Mobile Solutions stands as a leading mobile app development company. Our skilled app developers who are experts in multiple programming languages like PHP, Objective C, laravel, AngularJs and many more makes us unique.

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