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Connect millions of property seekers with thousands of real estate professionals!

Real estate app development has driven the industry to a greater extent. Property search apps have the potential to replace traditional brokers and other agents. With the recent advancements in technology, particularly in augmented reality and virtual reality it becomes very important that if you are operating in a real estate business you should have a real estate app.

According to a study by the National Association of Realtors, 73% of home seekers use digital applications to search homes. So statistics already show the scope of real estate digital applications.

Why should you have your own real estate app?

Increasing Demand in Semi-Urban Cities

No doubt, the real estate market in the large cities is booming but the demand for homes in the semi-urban areas is on the rise especially in the last decade. The real estate market has risen in many cities and is expected to grow at a fast rate in the upcoming years.

Commercial & Residential Sector Growth

The pandemic has significantly influenced both the commercial and residential sectors. 

As companies resumed operations to address the backlog of work accumulated during the pandemic, there has been substantial growth in the commercial sector. 

Simultaneously, individuals have increasingly sought out residential areas, leading to growth in that sector as well.

People also started traveling to cities for better career opportunities. These people are constantly on the hunt for better home options at a fair price, and online rental property management applications are always there to assist them.

Must Have Features in Real Estate Apps

Login & Registration: The procedure of registration needs to be simple and minimalistic without any irrelevant questions. This should also include options to sign using their phone numbers, email address and social media accounts as well.

Property Profiles: This is very important from property seekers point of view to have enough information and photos for each property listed on the application to give a general concept of it.

Agents Listing: Not only for successful interaction but also for building trust it is very important to have agents listings in real estate apps that will include a brief description with a photo of the agent, the number of properties, the location and the sources of reliability.

Categories & Filters: Without this feature it will become very frustrating & time consuming to find a suitable property. Therefore, It is very important to have this feature so that users can filter based on numbers of parameters like ratings, price, location, and other relevant options. Advanced search will also help which is based on specific criteria.

Maps & Geolocation: Maps and Geolocation are extremely useful for individuals looking to rent or buy an apartment. With this feature users will be able to see surroundings and infrastructure on the maps.

Favorites List: Adding this feature will help home seekers to create a shortlist of the things they prefer and their preferences will be stored in their profile menu section and later on whenever they make their mind to buy or rent properly they can easily navigate their preferences.

Price Calculator: From an affordability point of view, the calculator feature will allow the home seekers to calculate the estimated price of the property. They can even calculate loan interest rates with multiple banks, and payback duration.

Calendar & Scheduling: Implementing calendar and scheduling features will make appointment booking very easy. Important note here is that this feature should be available to both agents and clients to give a more personalized and better experience.

Push Notifications: Push notification should be a standard feature in your Property finder app. This feature will be programmed to notify customers and agents of meeting time, price change, property update and other relevant & important features. This feature can also be merged with AI-powered notifications by studying user behavior and their preferences and then making personalized recommendations. This will increase user engagement.

User Review and Rating: Using this feature users can rate the property based on their personal experience. It will maintain transparency & trust among the users regarding property and agents.

Multiple Payment Gateways: Providing multiple payment gateways in house finder app will help in collecting instant payment. This feature will also improve customer convenience.

Our expert mobile app developers recently completed an exciting project for one of our clients in the real estate industry. We developed Homii, a top property management app designed to give the best property search experience. 

Let’s take a closer look at how this innovative app is improving the way people find their next home or apartment.

Introducing Homii, a game-changing property management app that transforms the property search experience for both buyers and sellers. The app provides in-depth access to property details in your chosen area, including pricing, layout, size, and other key information. This makes it easy to find the perfect property within your budget in your preferred location.

Homii makes it easy to find property with a commitment to convenience and technological innovation ensuring a next-level property search experience.

For more information about property management app Homii & its features, you can read the complete overview on our page.

Final Thoughts

Real Estate is not new to the internet; it has been there for a very long time. In some sense it has eliminated the need for a middleman in finding the best apartment & houses in different cities.

If you are operating in the real estate market then it is highly recommended to have a property management app to provide better convenience and improve customer experience which will ultimately help your business grow.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!



How much does it cost to develop a real estate app?

Cost of developing a real estate app depends on multiple factors like the app’s features, design and the type of app like it will be android, iOS or both.

What steps do you take for real estate mobile app development?

We follow a structured process for real estate app development:

Consultation: We start with a discussion to understand what is the reason behind building the app.

Planning: Next, we outline the features and design of the app.

Development: Our team builds the app, including all the features and functionalities.

Testing: We test the app thoroughly to make sure everything works smoothly & bug-free.

Launch: After testing we launch the app on app stores.

Maintenance: We provide handholding support by providing updates after its launch.

What is the timeline for rental property management application development?

The timeline for developing a rental property management application development depends on the type of project. Generally it may take several weeks to a few months.

What makes Infin the best real estate app development company?

Infin Mobile Solutions is the best real estate app development company for a number of reasons. Our team of experienced app developers with years of experience in the real estate app development industry makes us unique. 

We also provide a wide range of customization options so that you can design your app according to your specific requirements. Additionally we also provide after launch support to keep your app up-to-date.

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