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Our goal by sharing this case study is to show the exceptional work of our expert app developers in the successful creation of Airple, a facility management application.

Through this case study we want to showcase our capabilities and the breadth of our expertise in developing mobile applications by using the latest technologies, trends and tools.

Overview of Airple Facility Management Application


As the demand for AC services grows with increase in usage of AC, evolving lifestyles & increasing reliance on consumer electronics. Airple quickly noticed the hidden opportunity to offer a user-friendly and easy top ac service for customers.

So they decided to partner with Infin Mobile Solutions, the best mobile app development company in Singapore.

Their aim was to create a platform that connects users with the best AC services in their locality. The aim was to provide a best & convenient way for customers to access professional AC servicing, repairs, and maintenance.

The app is designed specifically for the Singapore market to make sure that it meets the requirements of local users. 

Customers can easily book a technician in their area for any kind of ac service like routine maintenance or an urgent repair. 

Airple facility management app has a number of features that will enhance the overall experience of users. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms for better reach.

Our expert UI/UX designers in Singapore have a deep understanding of local customer preferences & behavior. They thoughtfully crafted Airple’s user interface to be both engaging and easy to navigate.

With just a few taps new users can easily sign up & provide their location and book services. By launching this app, Airple hopes to stand out in the market & become the top choice for AC services in Singapore.

Now let us take a look at unique features of Airple app & its functionalities


Customer App Features

SignUp/Login: Customers can easily log in using their phone number & app remembers their details so that they can quickly access their account the next time.

AC Service & payment details: Customers will have an option to mention all the information about their AC service needs including photos if needed. This will help the technician understand their requirements & prepare accordingly.

Booking Service: Customers have options to select the type of service they need and even attach images for better clarity. Booking takes just a few taps and they are all set!

Advance Scheduling: There is a feature in Airple app of advance scheduling ac services by choosing a date that suits them best. This will avoid any immediate or urgent disruptions.

Payment Gateway: Confirm your booking and pay safely through Stripe. A trusted payment gateway that will keep your transactions secure.

Profile: Customers can easily customize and update their profile from their contact information to their service preferences.

Notifications: With notifications feature customers will always have information about technicians arrival time and their service status.

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All of these features were carefully & strategically integrated by our skilled mobile app developers in Singapore. They understand local user behavior and preferences which helped them in giving a more personal touch according to the needs of the customer.


Technician App Features

Login: Technicians can easily log into the app quickly and securely with their mobile number or mail id.

Service Request: Through service requests option technicians will get clear & detailed service requests including user contact information. They can choose to accept or reject the service based on their availability. 

The app’s integration with Google Maps makes it easy to find the customer’s location and helps in choosing the best route.

Invoice Generation: After completing a service, technicians can create invoices right from the app and send them to customers. The invoice includes details of the service provided and any additional charges.

Profile: Technicians can keep their profile up to date like they are available or not and services they offer. They can also add a profile picture to give a personal touch to their profile.

Notification: The app sends technicians alerts for scheduled services & cancellations updates. This helps them stay organized and on top of their daily tasks.


Admin Features

Our team of developers have integrated a number of admin features to operate the application in a controlled and secure environment. 

These features ensure smooth operations of applications and provide a better overall experience to the customers.

User Management: With user management features, admins can keep an eye on customer and technician profiles.  They can edit details, view their ratings, and even manage their access if needed.

Service Management: With service management admin can take charge of the various service options available. This means you can add, edit, or customize service plans to suit the changing needs of your customers.

Order Management: With order management feature admins have a clear view of all bookings and schedules. 

They can track the status of orders whether they are pending, completed, or canceled.

Overall, the development of the Airple Facility Management App has been a great success for both the client & our company. 

Our client, Airple, is pleased with our expert app developers in dubai and how their app turned out. 

It meets their goal of offering a user-friendly, easy-to-use platform for customers to book AC services in Singapore.

The app has helped Airple’s customers in multiple ways making it simple for them to book services, schedule future appointments, and provide feedback. This in turn has increased customer satisfaction and boosted Airple’s reputation as a reliable AC service provider in Singapore.

From our side, this project shows our ability to create high-quality, customized apps and expertise of our app developers.


Maybe you need a similar app like the one featured in this case study or have a different project in mind. Do not worry, we are here to craft any kind of mobile application.

Sit back, relax and let us take care of your project!

We are a leading app development company in Singapore known for our unique approach in creating custom applications for multiple industries. 

Our talented team of app developers stays up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends to create high-quality & user-friendly apps.

In summary, this project highlights our commitment to delivering outstanding apps that cater to our clients’ needs. 

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Airple and exploring new ways to improve their service offerings. 

If you’re looking for a dedicated team to help bring your app ideas to life, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!



What is the Airple Facility Management App?

The Airple app is a facility management application which is designed to connect users with the best AC services in their local area. Users can book ac technicians for maintenance or repairs.

Who developed the Airple app?

The app was created by Infin Mobile Solutions, one of the best mobile app development companies in Singapore who are known for their expert app developers in singapore.

What features does the Airple app offer for customers?

The Airple app offers multiple features like easy sign-up, advance scheduling, integrated secure payment gateways, customizable profiles, and regular notifications.

How does the app benefit technicians?

Technicians can log in quickly & securely, see service requests, generate invoices, keep their profiles up-to-date, and receive notifications about future scheduled services & cancellations.

What makes the Airple app unique for the Singapore market?

The app is specifically created to meet the needs of local users in Singapore. It offers user-friendly features and convenient access to professional AC services.

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