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What is the cost of mobile app development? It is a frequently asked question from entrepreneurs & app developers. Our expert managers & developers answer this question as “it depends on multiple factors”.

Today we will discuss these multiple factors behind app development cost but before answering this, let us look at the mobile application market-

  • Over five billion smartphone users worldwide
  • Expected 10% growth in smartphone users between 2024 & 2028
  • Rapid increase in mobile app usage
  • Projected $613 billion in revenue from mobile apps by 2025 (worldwide)
  • Nearly 4 trillion hours spent on mobile apps globally in 2022
  • Users spend 88% of their smartphone time on apps (Globally)

An Overview of App Development Cost

There are a number of factors which influence the mobile app development cost. On an average, mobile app development cost can range between 200,000 to 700,000 but in the case of very customized & complicated apps, it can exceed 700,0000.

It is just an estimated, the actual price of developing a customized mobile application will depend on factors like-

  • App’s capabilities & Complexity
  • Development process
  • Time Taken & Features
  • App Developers Expertise

What Are the Major Factors That Influence App Development Cost?

To avoid any surprises before hiring a mobile app development agency or developing on your own, let us understand the factors behind the cost of mobile app development in detail.

Type of Application

There are multiple types of apps in the market, some of them are listed below-

  • Gaming application
  • e-commerce apps 
  • social media platforms
  • Chatting apps
  • Entertainment apps
  • Finance Apps
  • Health & Fitness apps

Each type of mobile app listed above has its own requirements & development complexities. For example, a simple game will be less costly than a sophisticated e-commerce app with multiple features like payment gateways, user profiles & product catalogs.

So the type of mobile application will decide its development cost.

App Complexity & Features

If your mobile application requires multiple features, the more complex & expensive it will be to develop. A basic mobile app with very limited & simple functions like displaying information will be on the lower end of the cost spectrum.

On the other hand your development cost will increase if you want to add complex features like user logins, social media integration & GPS tracking.

Platform Choice (iOS, Android or Both)

The platform choice like whether to develop your app for iOS, Android or both platforms will play an important role in deciding the app development pricing. For a single platform (either android or iOS) is usually cheaper than covering a broader audience by developing it for both platforms. While this might seem expensive, it will be beneficial in the long run.

Design & User Experience (UX)

Design and User Experience (UX) is one of the major factors behind mobile app development cost. A well-designed app interface is the blend of using perfect color palettes, layout & design patterns.

Investing in good design and UX can significantly increase the overall cost, but it is important for the app’s success.

Professional ui/ux designers can create an attractive & visually appealing interface, which will involve in depth research, wireframing, prototyping & user testing.

Additionally top UX design will also optimize your mobile app’s performance & load times which can require advanced technical work and further increase costs.

Backend Infrastructure & API Integrations

The backend of your app is like the engine of a car—it handles everything behind the scenes. If your requirement is to store data, process transactions or connect with other services, you will need a secure backend infrastructure which will involve using servers, databases & APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

There should be no doubt that setting up & maintaining this infrastructure can be costly, especially if your app needs to handle huge data or need to support mass users simultaneously.

Security Requirements

Security measures play an important role in deciding mobile app development cost especially if your app handles sensitive information like personal data or payment details. Using strong security measures to protect users’ sensitive data will raise the development cost. Here strong security measures are data encryption, secure user authentication & compliance with privacy laws & regulations.

Choosing a Publishing Platform (Android, iOS or Both)

After the app development phase, the next step is to publish it on app stores (Google Play Store for Android & Apple App Store for iOS). Remember if you want to publish your mobile app on these platforms, you have to comply with their set of rules & guidelines.

Some common guidelines of these platforms are

  • Compliance with Laws: Complying to their policies & regulations.
  • Prohibited Content: Avoid objectionable content (hate speech, violence or illegal activities).
  • Functionality: Ensure the app is fully functional and free of bugs.
  • User Privacy: Include a privacy policy disclosing data collection, usage, and sharing.
  • Data Security: Secure user data against misuse.
  • Design Guidelines: Follow Material Design (Android) or Human Interface Guidelines (iOS).
  • Performance: Optimize app performance for target devices & OS versions.
  • Encryption: Encrypt sensitive data in transit and at rest.
  • Authentication: Implement secure authentication mechanisms.
  • In-App Purchase Policies : Use the platform’s in-app purchase system where required.

Android & iOS charges some fee for Publishing your application on their platform. Google Play Store charges a one time registration fee while Apple App Store  requires annual developer membership.

App Developers Expertise

When it comes to deciding the app development cost, the expertise of app developers plays an important role. Mobile app developers expertise directly impacts aspects of the development process which ultimately influences the overall cost.Here’s how-

Skill Set

Top mobile app developers have a diverse skill set sharpened over years of practice. They have expertise in top coding languages, frameworks & tools required for developing secure & efficient apps.


Seasoned iOS/Android mobile app developers have a deep understanding of best practices & methodologies in every platform. They can easily plan, design & execute the app development project smoothly by minimizing the probability of errors.


Experienced developers are expert at troubleshooting & resolving technical challenges & this problem-solving skills enable them to solve complex issues easily.

Quality Assurance

Expert developers give priority to quality throughout the development lifecycle. They conduct a thorough testing & debugging process to identify any issues.

Ongoing Maintenance & Updates

Developing your mobile app is just the beginning, there is a long road to go. To make sure your application is updated to fulfill the required demand then you will have to maintain & update your application regularly.On an average, the cost of maintenance & updates may be 20% of the initial app development cost each year.


Developing a mobile app involves several factors that influence its cost. From the type of application and its complexity to platform choice and design, each aspect is responsible for the overall app development budget.

Additionally, backend infrastructure, security measures, app publishing platforms, & ongoing maintenance are important components that can affect the budget.

Understanding these factors will be helpful in planning your mobile app development budget. By knowing the type of app, its complexity, platforms, design, backend needs, security, publishing & maintenance, you can get a clearer picture of your app development pricing.


What is the mobile app development cost in 2024?

The mobile app development cost in 2024 depends on multiple factors like the app’s complexity , features, designing & backend infrastructure. On average, the cost can range from a few thousand rupees to hundreds of thousands of rupees.

How to calculate mobile app development cost?

It is best to consult with app development professionals who can provide a detailed guide by listening to your requirements. You can only estimate based on the features like the app’s complexity , features & designing.

Why is app development so expensive?

App development is expensive due to multiple factors like expertise of app developers, complex features, quality design, thorough testing & ongoing maintenance.

Is it expensive to publish an app?

Publishing an app costs some money but they are not expensive. Google Play Store charges a one-time fee of $25 while the Apple App Store requires an annual subscription of $99.

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