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Today we have mobile apps for entertainment, shopping, social networking, productivity, travel, health & fitness, education & learning, news & information or more practically speaking is anything that we can think of.

No doubt the mobile app development industry is experiencing rapid growth globally, with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) emerging as a particularly attractive location for businesses looking to take advantage of the power of mobile technology.

Here in this blog, we will explore how Infin Mobile Solutions has established itself as the leading mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE.

Little Bit About Infin Mobile

Infin Mobile Solutions stands as a leader in mobile app development in Dubai by offering top-notch services for Android, iOS, and cross-platform development. With over years of experience in the field we have earned recognition as one of the best app development companies in the UAE.

Our team of dedicated iOS & Android app developers in Dubai who have a proven track record of creating successful mobile apps for a diverse range of businesses.

How We Stand Out as a Leading Mobile App Development Company

With the team of top app developers in dubai, we always try to set the bar high by using the latest tools & technologies in creating mobile applications. 

Have a look…

  • Custom Build Solutions
  • AI powered Solutions
  • Expert app development Team
  • Years of experience in mobile app development
  • Expertise in UAE Local Market
  • After Launch Support (Based on the service you chooses)

Our Approach to Mobile App Development Process Guarantees Success

From creating your application top notch user interface to finally launching your application. Our expert ui/ui designers & developers do thorough research on your industry & come up with innovative approaches to deliver a responsive mobile application.

Here is the short overview of our approach-

  • Consultation
  • Strategy
  • Designing 
  • Development
  • Deployment

We at Infin mobile solutions think about the long term success of your company. Even our expert Ui/Ux designers in the UAE put in thorough research in creating a suitable user interface for your application which will give a better user experience.

Creating App Development Strategy

At Infin Mobile Solutions our journey to mobile app development service starts with in depth industry research.

Our expert team does analysis of user needs as well as other factors like market research, competitor analysis and creates an app development strategy accordingly. This curated development strategy will help in overthrowing your competition.

Steps we take in creating strategy-

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Market Evaluation
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Project Assessment
  • Project Scope

Technology we use in our mobile application development process

Our expert app development team always uses emerging tools & technologies to offer next-gen mobile app development services.

Here is a short look of our top technologies using in our app development process-


  • JAVA
  • Java Script
  • XML
  • Kotlin
  • Objective C
  • Swift


  • Realm
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Elasticsearch C


  • Android SDK
  • Android NDK
  • iOS SDK


  • Android Studio
  • Xcode

Complete Mobile App Development Services Under One Roof

At Infin Mobile we provide complete mobile app development services to meet the unique needs of your business. Our reputation as a top choice in the industry is backed by our track record of efficiency, quality, and exceptional user management. We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of technology, ensuring that your app is built using the latest tools & technology to give a better user experience.

Whether you’re looking to launch an eCommerce platform, a food delivery service, or a transportation solution, we have the expertise to create the best mobile application.

Our expert developer team have specialization in-

  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Dating apps
  • Real estate
  • Custom development
  • On demand application development

From imagining to deployment & beyond our team will provide hand holding support even after the launching of your application based on the type of services you have chosen.


With years of experience in the industry & successful delivery of multiple top notch mobile applications, Infin Mobile stands as a trusted mobile app development company in UAE.

Our expertise in Android & iOS development combined with Dubai’s local & multicultural business environment makes us the perfect partner for your app development needs.

If you are in search of a top mobile app development company in Dubai, look no further.

Don’t wait any longer to launch your dream mobile app. Partner with the best mobile app development company in UAE—Infin Mobile—and take the first step towards success today.


What is the price of creating a mobile app in Dubai?

The cost to create a mobile app in Dubai depends on various factors like the type of apps, technology used, platform (ios, android or both), design. A mobile app development company in dubai can give a more accurate & even the actual cost of developing mobile app in dubai.

What is the cost of hiring an app developer?

The cost to hire an app developer is based on multiple factors like- 

Developers Qualification/skill set

Developers Location


Project Complexity

Technology used & much more.

Hiring freelancers for mobile app development than hiring from an app development company may charge differently.

What is the timeframe for creating a mobile app?

There is no fixed time to build a mobile app, it depends on projects functionality & complexity. Features, complexity, design & platform raises the duration as well as the cost of the project. A leading mobile app development company like Infin Mobile can get it done in the quickest time.

On average, a mobile app development process can take several months to year.

What kind of mobile app development services does Infin Mobile offer?

Infin Mobile provides top mobile app development in Dubai, UAE. We provide native & hybrid mobile app development services for various kinds of industries who work on multiple platforms like Android/iOS, windows & much more.

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