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Welcome to the success story of our transformative event planning app, Tanseeq! This case study highlights our expertise in creating innovative event planning apps designed specifically to the unique needs of our clients.

Our expert app development team used the latest trends & technologies to design Tanseeq, an app that improves event planning. 

We smoothly blend user-friendly design with unique features to optimize & enhance every aspect of planning from connecting to vendors to ordering event products.

Event planning is a complex journey that demands coordination, proper planning and attention to detail at every step. 

To make sure that you are creating best event planning you have to handle different things simultaneously like- 

Planners must keep track of multiple tasks and ensure they are executed on time. Managing relationships with vendors and suppliers is another challenge, as it involves coordinating their services and ensuring they deliver as expected.

Budgeting adds another layer of complexity which requires careful allocation of funds and monitoring of expenses to avoid overspending.

Planners must also know the possibility of potential risks such as weather changes, technical issues, or last-minute cancellations & should have plans in place to mitigate them.

Clear communication is essential for a smooth planning process, as miscommunications can lead to misunderstandings and delays. 

Planners must also focus on providing a memorable guest experience by considering attendees preferences and needs, managing registration, accommodations, transportation, and entertainment.

Imagine managing all these complexities and processes through one application. Yes, Tanseeq makes it possible to handle all aspects of event planning, from promotion to execution, and even outcome optimization.

Tanseeq is the complete solution for all aspects of event planning.

Brief Overview of Tanseeq-

Tanseeq simplifies the entire process and ensures your events run smoothly and successfully. Here is a list of unique points which makes Tanseeq stand out in the world of event planning apps.

User-Friendly Design

Tanseeq is designed with simplicity and reliability in mind. We have top Ui/Ux designers in Dubai who understand the ground challenges in developing an event planning application.

That’s the reason that no matter if you are a first-time planner or a professional, the app’s interface is easy to navigate and engaging. It brings all aspects of event planning together in one place.

Complete Event Management

Tanseeq’s capabilities go beyond basic planning. It covers every aspect of your event, from managing guest lists and vendors to keeping track of your budget and schedule. With built-in reminders for crucial tasks, you’ll always stay on top of things.

Vendor and Budget Management

One of the app’s standout features is its vendor management. With Tanseeq you will have the feature to directly connect with local vendors which helps you to chat and plan your event easily.

The app also keeps a close eye on your budget helping you manage costs and avoid surprises.

Community Building

Tanseeq is not just a wedding planning app or wedding organizer app, it also provides an opportunity to form a community. 

You can share advice, ideas, and experiences with other users, enriching your planning process. The app also allows you to share event details, photos, and promotions with your network.

Multilingual Support

One of the top unique features of Tanseeq app is its multilingual support which ensures that language barriers don’t stand in the way of your planning. Communicate effortlessly with vendors and guests, regardless of their language preferences. 

We know the importance of multilingualism as a diverse population lives in the city. Our team of skilled app developers in Dubai strategically integrated this feature into the app to bridge language gaps and target a wide range of users.

E-commerce Integration

Our team of developers carefully created this feature to allow users to add their favorite products to a cart, which provides them with the convenience of future purchase options at their fingertips.

From decor to entertainment this e-commerce feature helps you explore different products and services for a wedding, corporate event, or any special event.

With Tanseeq you can list your favorite items and services from your desired vendors and easily track them in your cart. This thoughtful approach from our expert app developers helps you plan every detail so that nothing is overlooked in the process.


Force Behind Tanseeq App

The driving force behind the Tanseeq app is our experienced team at Infin Mobile Solutions which is a leading app & web development company in Dubai. 

Our team put careful thought into creating Tanseeq ensuring it includes all the necessary features to offer users a one-of-a-kind experience.

With years of experience under their belts, our developers have a proven track record of crafting and delivering high-quality apps. 

Our developers expertise and skill set have positioned us as one of the top app development company in UAE. We will continue to create apps that not only meet but exceed our clients expectations.

Our team understands the importance of a smooth user experience and we aim to make every interaction with our app smooth & enjoyable.

Tanseeq is a prime example of our dedication & expertise in app development. Our expert app developers have expertise in multiple coding languages which are used in creating event planning applications.

It is our passion for innovation & our commitment which drive us to make top-notch solutions for our clients and users. 

We believe in creating apps that make a difference, and Tanseeq is a proof to that mission.

Want to make your own story?

Let us use our app development expertise to do heavy lifting for you! We specialize in building apps that give unique experiences for users just like we did with Tanseeq.

Our team is here to support you at every step from planning and design to testing and launch. Get in touch with us today to start building the app of your dreams!


As a creation of our skilled web development experts in Dubai, the app has already left a notable mark in the event planning market and we believe its influence will only continue to grow. 

Now it is your time.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of our expertise.


What is Tanseeq & how does it simplify event planning in the UAE?

Tanseeq is an event planning app which is designed to make the process of organizing events in the UAE easy. It has been developed with multiple features like budget monitoring, vendor management and multilingual support.

Why is Tanseeq considered a game-changer in event planning applications?

There are a number of factors which makes Tanseeq a top choice when it comes to event planning applications. Its user-friendly design, complete event management portal, and unique features like vendor and budget management makes it unique.

How does Tanseeq promote community building among its users?

Tanseeq provides a platform for users to share advice, ideas, and experiences with each other, fostering a sense of community among event planners. Additionally, users can share event details, photos, and promotions with their network, further enriching their planning process.

Why is multilingual support an important feature in event planning apps?

Multilingual support is important because it removes the language barriers so that they can talk in any language they are habitual with that do not hinder the planning process. Multilingual feature is also integrated in Tanseeq to widen its accessibility for all users.

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