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This all started when Hi5 from Nigeria came to us a few months ago with their aim to create a Deals & coupon app. The Challenge? To add their requested features into the application. Some of the features they wanted to add in the app were-


  • QR code Scanning– Users can scan deal code or gift code
  • Merchant Dashboard – They can view active & pending deals and advertisement stats
  • Redeem Points – Users can easily redeem points
  • Categories – Options to filter deals with based on category
  • Deals – Users can view deal descriptions and earn points by sharing & commenting.
  • Discover – Users can discover new deals and view their history
  • Offline & Online Advertisement – Integration and management of ad campaigns.
  • Payments Gateway – Integration of secure payment processing


The list continues with different features for both users & merchants, now it all depends on our approach and development strategy to handle such heavy features smoothly.


Let us take you through our journey of Hi5 deals & coupons app development.

How We Approached Hi5 Coupon App Development Project


Since each client’s requirements vary so strategies, approaches, features & timelines must also be customized accordingly. At Infin Mobile Solutions, we understand each project & clients requirements from the scratch to approach the project uniquely. Some specifications are directly requested by clients while others are recommended based on market demand & trends.


Our team has started working on different aspects of the Hi5-Deals & Coupons App.

Understanding their Requirements & Problem

Our team had multiple meetings with the client & their internal team to understand their requirements about the  Hi5 App. From this stage we got what they wanted & identified their exact requirements.


Based on this understanding, our approach towards the Hi5 Deals & Coupons App became two fold-


  • Identifying different use cases for Users
  • Creating user interface (UI) designs for these users


First thing first, as soon as we understood their problem we started to spy on the already existing players in the deals & coupons app industry.


Spying on the Competitors


We didn’t spend much time on detailed research due to limited time as it will take a huge time in understanding how other deals & coupons apps are operating?


After completing this initial phase, we moved on to the next step- Sketching Down Ideas.


Here, our team began outlining ideas, features, user interfaces, & the technology they planned to use for the Hi5 Deals & Coupons app. Our talented designers quickly sketched out an initial interface for the screens where users would directly engage.

Creating User Interface for Hi5 Deals & Coupons App


Now that we have the wireframes ready, our expert UI/UX designers in Nigeria have started working on creating the UI according to user behavior & preferences. The client has already defined the text styles and color palette so there was no need to waste time on those elements.


Each member of the UI/UX team thoroughly designed the screens which shows Infin Mobile’s collaborative expertise in handling such tasks. Now it was time to hand over the command to our app developers to make them decide what will be the suitable programming languages, frameworks & hosting servers according to the design of Hi5 Deals & Coupons App.

Technologies We Have Used in Hi5- Deals & Coupons App Development

Android- Developed using Kotlin

Our Android app developers did some basic research on competitors to see which frameworks they used to deliver the best experience. Here, You might ask why we use Kotlin for the Deals & Coupons app development? Well, Here are the reasons-

Concise Code

Kotlin requires fewer lines of code compared to Java


Since Kotlin is fully interoperable with Java then we can easily use existing Java libraries & frameworks smoothly.


Kotlin has built-in null safety which prevent application from crashes


Modern Features

Kotlin is a modern programming language which provides latest features like extension functions, data classes & more.

Front-End Crafted with HTML


From the beginning it was clear to our expert front-end developers how to use HTML for creating a smooth, responsive, user-friendly & functional front-end. As users will open the application on different browsers & devices so they considered all the situations then they created the front-end accordingly giving a smooth & enjoyable experience for all users.


API’s/Back-End- Powered by Laravel


Our professional backend developers decided to power up the Hi5-Deals & Coupons App with Laravel. The reason behind this decision was to improve the functionalities like


  • Sign in process
  • Search Capabilities
  • Integration of payment gateways
  • Smooth connections with the databases


Another reason behind choosing Laravel for our coupon app development was its strong security features. At Infin Mobile, it is our priority to protect users data & Laravel helps us in doing that for our application.


Database Management- Handled using MySQL

We chose MySQL for managing Hi5’s coupon and deals database because-

  • Very easy to understand
  • Reliable and widely used by top companies
  • Able to handle huge data efficiently
  • Secure, so our users information stays safe
  • Can smoothly comply with the technologies we used in coupon app development

Hosted Server – Azure

  • We decided to host our coupon and deal app on Azure for several key reasons-
  • Azure provides a scalability feature which helps us in handling high user traffic easily.
  • Azure’s global presence gives reliable performance across different regions.
  • Its have strong security policies & terms for user data protection
  • Azure’s integrated development tools and support for various programming languages smooth our development process.
  • Lastly, Azure’s cost-effective pricing model aligns with our clients budget

Can we make some improvements in the Hi5- Deals & Coupons Application?


The journey doesn’t end here as we at Infin mobile solutions always think that there is room for improvement. Even after creating such a masterpiece we still think our expert team of developers and designers can improve the user experience further, here is how-


  • Gathering user feedback on the application including their interactions, the application’s smoothness & its visual appeal. Following this we will make adjustments accordingly.
  • Secondly, we can improve the gamification elements to keep the users excited and engaged like points & award system, badges, achievements board etc.


This is an amazing story, isn’t it? It showcases our expertise in mobile app development and our unique approach to creating apps. But here’s the important part: our expertise goes beyond just developing coupon apps. You can also hire top web developers, UI/UX designers, digital marketing experts from Infin Mobile Solutions.


We are really excited about the possibility of working on more cool app development projects in the future. We’re confident that we can deliver the same great services we did with the Hi5 Deals and Coupons app, or even better!


If you have any questions about coupon app development or application development in general, please feel free to contact us at







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