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Careem is a local on demand car booking service startup like uber specifically designed for the middle east market has given direct competition to Uber (Acquired by Uber lately). Careem is the top vehicle hiring app in the middle east trusted by millions due to its user-friendly experience. There are a number of companies who aspire to develop an app like Uber and Careem but failed to do so.


Before taking any step toward developing a riding app you should do market research on competitors, trends, regulations, market challenges. Now look at some of the stats in ride sharing service industry-


  • According to reports, the ride sharing market is expected to reach $185.1 billion by 2026
  • The Middle East & North Africa region is seeing rapid growth in ride sharing apps
  • Careem is the top ride sharing app in MENA region with around 40 million users & 1.5 million drivers
  • Uber has 93 million users all around the world
  • The average revenue per user is estimated to be $275


Alright, we have seen the market stats which show a huge hidden opportunity in the  market but what are the steps to build apps like Uber and Careem & should we hire an app development company?

Must Have Features to Develop top Ride Sharing App like Uber and Careem

Features in the Passenger Panel


First of all you have to understand that a user’s side is different from the drivers side so while developing a ride sharing application you have to keep the users perspective in mind.


Here are some must have features in app like Uber and Careem

Geo Location

This is one of the most important features that you should include in your ride sharing application. Geo location is highly important for both riders as well as the user. It will help the users find the driver and the driver for the user very smoothly. This feature is almost used by many apps like Uber & Careem.


User Profile in Ride Sharing Application

To take care of users your ride sharing application should give better control to the users in terms of customization like uploading profile photo, setting location, language preferences and other important settings.


Search Filters

If you are using any ride sharing application then you will surely be aware of search filters’ importance. Search bar should be capable of handling users queries with whatever the user is searching for and it does not collapse and in case if the users queries are irrelevant to your service then it should show the exact match.


Chat Features

You can’t ignore the fact that different users have different language preferences. To help users with their questions in different languages, the ride sharing app must have a chat function for easy communication.

Cost Estimation- Must Include in Riding Application Development


Before booking a ride, everyone wants to know how much it will cost. That’s why cost estimation features are so important in ride-sharing apps. It should be so simple that users just have to enter the starting point & their destination, and the app calculates the cost for them. So, don’t forget to add this feature in ride sharing app development.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a super important feature in ride-sharing app development. They let passengers get alerts and notifications right on their phones. For example, passengers can receive updates about the status of their bookings. You can also send offers to your customers.

Features in Drivers Panel


On the drivers side there are multiple features that you can not afford to overlook. Here we have made a must have features in your riding application development-

Registration & Verification

This is the very basic and important feature of ride sharing apps where drivers can create their account using personal information. The registration and verification process should not only include user registration but also their vehicle registration. This feature should verify the vehicle’s identity and documentation.

Accept or Reject Accept

Drivers can easily accept & manage ride requests without any restrictions which will give a smooth experience for the drivers. Additionally, if any driver cancels ride requests then they must provide the reason behind it & in case if the reason does not sound valid then they may face a penalty.

User Location Tracking

This perhaps one of the most important features of riding applications, drivers should be given an option to track users location. What happens generally is sometimes users book their drives but drivers are unable to find the users location which is generally very frustrating and time consuming for both driver and the customers.

Trip Information

All important information related to the trip should be easily available within the ride app like user pickup & drop-off points, mileage and real-time traffic updates on the best possible routes. Having this information, drivers can take the best routes to avoid delays which will again improve customer experience.


Driver Performance Analytics


Driver performance analytics features in ride sharing applications will be helpful for both drivers and customers. It will include the drivers acceptance & rejection rate, completion rate and average rating from the customers.

Must Have Admin Features to Build App Like Uber and Careem

Complete Dashboard With Insights

The admin panel should include a detailed dashboard with data like-


  • Number of app users
  • Number of registered drivers
  • Total number of rides
  • Total revenue generated
  • Customer Support
  • Can manage geolocation settings


To build apps like Uber & Careem you should include all the above features.

User Management

Include a user management feature through which admin can easily manage the user accounts, editing information about the user. From this admins should also be able to view user profile and activity logs.


Fare & Pricing Management


Fare & pricing management are important features in an riding application development. So include this feature for admins who can easily interfere in base pricing setting, increasing pricing and setting up discounts.

Reporting & Insights

Apps like Uber and Careem highly prioritize reporting & insights. Admin panel should include repotings like drivers reports, financial reports and rides reports.


System Configuration & Settings

Include features which give access to admins to system configuration & settings like app branding, notifications and customer support.

How much does it cost to Build App Like Uber and Careem


We have covered which features should be included in the application. Now, let’s see how much it costs to make an app like Uber and Careem


Here is a estimated cost breakdown of app ride sharing app development cost based on the UAE market:


Developers: $150,000

Designers: $40,000

Project manager: $20,000

QA engineers: $30,000


– Total: $240,000


Remember this is just an estimate, the actual costs can vary based on your requirements, complex features & the expertise of mobile app developers in Dubai.

Should We Hire App Development Agencies to Develop an App Like Uber and Careem?


This is the important question which is asked by multiple companies & entrepreneurs: should we hire app development agencies for riding application development? Our answer is yes! Why let’s see-


  • Expert team with expertise in developing feature rich riding apps which will ensure the app is built using the latest technologies.


  • Able to handle development tasks very smoothly which will save time, avoid common mistakes & additional expenses.


  • As they are in the app development industry, they will suggest the important features to include based on the market conditions.


  • App development companies handle complex technical aspects like coding, debugging & maintenance.


  • Their experience helps in avoiding common development mistakes, reducing risks and ensuring a more reliable app launch.



One of the leading app development companies in UAE is Infin Mobile Solutions who have expertise in riding application development. We have a team of expert app developers who will ensure you get the best possible results.


Our team understands the unique challenges in taxi app development & have experience in solving them. So if you are thinking of building an app like Uber and Careem then Infin Mobile is the perfect partner for you!


Building a taxi app like Uber and Careem is challenging but if it is approached with the right strategy & with the expert development team then it will be a rewarding experience. By offering a reliable, feature rich & convenient app you can win the hearts of your users!


Start your journey today with Infin mobile solutions & change the way people commute in your region.




How to develop an app similar to Uber and Careem?

To build an app like Uber and Careem you have to plan what type of features you want like maps, admin panel & user panel, maps & payment. Then hire a professional development team. It takes time but it is worth it!


How to develop a ride app?

Before developing a ride app, think about what problems are users facing in ride sharing applications then find an app development agency to help to handle the rest. They will also be responsible for handling technical aspects.


How much time needed to build an app like Uber and Careem?

Building an app like Uber and Careem might take several months. Time frame will depend on the app complexity, customized features and the expertise of app developers who are handling the project.


Building apps like Uber and Careem will be helpful in 2024 ?

Yes! As we have seen in the stats there is a great opportunity for ride sharing apps in the future. So it is a promising market if it is approached with the right strategy.


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