Digital Wallet Solution

A wallet platform reduces the payment gap between the customers and merchants. Helps your businesses grow and provides features like a hassle-free sign up, load and sends money, withdraw cash, pay merchants, buy tickets, instant notification, limited liability. Digital wallets are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to cash or using a debit or credit card to make payments. It is a flexible and cost-efficient cashless solution for retail payment. The app comes with various features, including:

Pay Now

Pay now option is used to transfer money from one registered digital wallet customer to other, by providing the corresponding customers mobile number and amount needs to be transferred.

QR code scanner

QR code scanner is used to scan the bar code generated by the merchant to transfer money from the customer account to merchant account for the items purchased from the merchant by the customer.

Recent Transaction

Recently paid, received and Top-up transaction details of the customer with their details will be listed here.

My Wallet

Customer can add money to the wallet using card to precede transaction with wallet payment and also can withdraw the money from wallet to their own bank account if needed.

Personal Profile

The users of the application will also get an option to maintain their personal profile that can be easily maintained and edited by them. All the app users will have their own profile that can’t be viewed by other user of the app. They can include personal information and account details in the profile section of the app.


Customer can make changes on the app related settings such as Feeds, Events, notifications whether it is needed or not, change security PIN and password settings etc.

Easy Withdrawl

The app comes with a “Withdraw” feature that allows users to make online payments, send money to their friends, family members or business partners anytime and anywhere. In addition to this, they can also transfer money from their wallet to any bank account that added by them as a beneficiary. My beneficiary option is to add the other customers as their beneficiary or to remove that customer from the beneficiary list if not needed.


Customers will get instant notifications if any feeds been posted by merchant or admin.

One-On-One Chat Option

Users can directly get in touch with the support team in case if they are facing any problem while accessing this application. If they have any confusion regarding this app, just open the chat option and discuss any of your issues. Moreover, the one-to-one chat option also enables users to send any image or PDF file and communicate with the representative without any hassle.